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Addilat is a developer of innovative nano-particle printed electronics process technology that eliminates processing steps and and enables up to 80% cost reduction in production of transparent conducting films in applications such as touchscreen display manufacturing.

ALBA Solutions has developed a proprietary, programmable, biodegradable polymer-based platform for application in the biomedical and advanced materials field.

Animate Energy is developing a homeowner focused energy management program including programs and services offered by the company to help improve homeowner's energy profile.

ARCC Energy Group markets and distributes proprietary LED lighting products for commercial and industrial applications.

Aris Wind manufactures, sells, and services a proprietary enhanced wind turbine product line that produces more energy than conventional wind turbines.

Avivid Water Technology develops and markets wide-spectrum water purification systems and processes for potable, process, and industrial applications.

Electrospun Nanotechnologies is developing a novel nanotechnology-based process that utilizes the synthesis and fabrication of photocatalytic nanomaterials to remediate wastewater using solar energy.

Empire Biotechnologies is developing biopolymer-based platform technologies with applications in therapeutic delivery, antimicrobial coatings, and biosensing.

Empower Equity, Inc. (EMPEQ) is using their Empower Visibility℠ platform to fix the problem of a lack of capital for building owners to install energy efficient projects.

Energy Materials Corporation is developing high performance electronic materials with potential applications in energy harvesting, energy storage, digital processing, and optics.

Energy Storage Solutions is developing very new environmentally friendly flywheel battery energy storage system.

ENrG specializes in the development and manufacture of ceramic membrane and coating technologies for energy and electronics applications.

Eonix is commercializing advanced ionic liquid electrolytes for electric double layer capacitors and lithium ion capacitors.

Glauconix is commercializing a novel, high-throughput screening platform for testing glaucoma drugs that are being developed by pharmaceutical companies.

Goodlight is developing a low cost solution for the defect problem in LEDs while improving their performance and increasing yield for the manufacturers of LEDs.

HocusLocus is commercializing a structurally interacting RNA or sxRNA platform technology that serves as a molecular and therapeutic diagnostic tool for a variety of health and pharmaceutical applications.

IntegraLED provides consultation and installation services of new energy efficiency measures for building systems.

Kid Sentry provides parents with peace of mind while giving children the needed freedom to explore by offering a wearable device designed to keep children safe and parents informed of their whereabouts and well-being.

Lotus Leaf Coatings manufactures and distributes nanoscale liquid repellent and liquid attracting coatings for solar, optics, micro-electronics, fluid dynamics, HVAC, and other applications.

LumiSolair specializes in solar, wind turbine, and energy storage systems that provide reliable off-grid lighting and backup power for a variety of applications.

Lumisyn develops high-performance cadmium-free phosphors to enhance lighting and optoelectronic products. Lumisyn phosphors are designed as drop-in replacements for current rare-earth based phosphors and will improve efficiency and color rendering in solid state lighting applications.

Mano Nanotechnologies is developing a new system of airborne probes using nanotechnology-based components to enable ubiquitous environmental sensing and improve forecast accuracy for energy and other weather sensitive applications.

MICROrganic Technologies is developing and commercializing microbial fuel cell technologies for wastewater treatment applications.

As a socially conscious company, MPOWERD Inc. develops and manufactures personal clean energy products for use by people living and playing on and off the grid the world over.

MTECH Laboratories develops and commercializes spin-off technologies associated with magnetic resonance imaging, cryogenic electronics, and advanced power electronics.

Optimal Solutions is a software company that specializes in optimizing production planning, sourcing, distribution, routing for complex energy intensive manufacturing companies using high performance computing.

Pliant Energy Systems

Pliant Energy Systems is developing radical methods of extracting energy from moving water with systems that utilize compliant planar components and electroactive polymers.

Safflyn Green Industries markets and delivers customized solutions for end-users to achieve energy independence with renewable energy sources.

SAVD Solar

SAVD Solar creates nanostructures as a finishing step for solar cells that redirect light waves to maximize the beneficial use of photons for electrical conversion.

Solar Raceway offers an innovative but practical design to encapsulate wires on solar systems focused on addressing wiring and balance of system solutions, without compromising simplicity, efficiency, and durability.

Solid Cell is an innovative clean energy company that is developing solid oxide fuel cell stacks, components, and common core modules with mass production capability.

SunTrac Solar develops intelligent tracking solar thermal concentrators that adjust to climate conditions, self-diagnose module underperformance, and communicate system status to building control and monitoring systems.


Tessolar Inc. produces PV module assembly and test equipment for solar photovolatic manufacturers. Tessolar's assmebly line is a continuous, in-line system that individually encapsulates the incoming solar cell, conducts post-encapsulation quality control, and populates a low cost frame with the tested/sorted cells.

Titan Nanotech

Titan Nanotech is developing advanced airborne communications technologies for use by the military, government agencies, first responders, and disaster relief organizations that save lives, time, and money.

Treebu is a community-focused digital media platform dedicated to helping people answer the question of what to do in life and how to do it through the example of others. Treebu uses geo-intelligence, interest, and connection algorithms to nurture, retain, and attract talent to local communities.

Tumalow specializes in developing proprietary software that enables users to increase revenue of peak-shaving energy storage systems by selling their spare capability into the frequency regulation market.

Vistex Composites is a manufacturing innovation company that has developed disruptive technology for the manufacture of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composites.

VOLTA Reserve Power LLC provides reserve backup power for apartment dwellers and small business owners through a series of grid tied and non-grid ties solutions.